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If you have been unable to get a curvy and rounded buttock with diet and exercise, butt augmentation may be viable for you. Butt augmentation (also known as gluteoplasty) is a procedure that involves inserting implants in buttocks to achieve a fuller and rounder shape. It helps in reducing cellulite and often done with fat transfer to lift the bottom and give a youthful and curvy look. Dr. Khalil provides two types of butt augmentation in Beverly Hills: Implants and Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift).


Butt Augmentation with

Butt Augmentation is often done at the same time as liposuction. This is because once the fat is removed through liposuction, the patient may not have enough fat to be transferred to the hip and buttocks. Results are often dramatic and life changing.

How long is the procedure?

Dr. Khalil will do a careful examination and consultation to determine whether you are best fit for Butt implants, fat transfer or both. Often patients with a thinner frame need to be given implants. With today’s technology, implants are considered safe and long lasting. Since butt implants are made of solid or cohesive silicones, there are is possibility of a leakage or break. Butt augmentation is an involved procedure and has a recovery time of 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, patient need to avoid putting weight on the buttocks. Once it is healed, usually the augmented rear has a firm and natural feel and scars are not usually visible.


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Our butt augmentation procedure in Beverly Hills is one of the hottest plastic surgery procedures today. Renowned in South America, butt augmentation and lift has been steadily increasing in popularity in the USA.

How long does butt augmentation last?

Once healed, the effects of implants last a long time, its almost permanent. For fat transfer, typically around 20% of the fat is absorbed by the body and the rest remains in the butt and helps to provide a curvy and shapely figure.

Whether you are a candidate for fat transfer or implants, Dr. Khalil will work with you on a detailed personalized plan in line with your goals and aspirations. Call us for a FREE consultation and get started on a newer, more confident YOU.