Beverly Hills, California

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Beverly Hills Nurse 90210

Aesthetic Nurse Injector Jaymie-Rose Beverly Hills

Jaymie-Rose, RN            

Advance Aesthetic Nurse Injector

A native of Burbank, California and a graduate of Cal State University Northridge in Broadcasting, Jaymie-Rose loved the beauty, fashion, and entertainment world and realized she wanted to make a bigger difference
for others.  

Jaymie-Rose, known as Nurse90210 is an advanced aesthetic nurse injector.  She started her career as a Medical Aesthetician in 2005 and furthered her education and graduated from LAC-USC school of Registered Nursing. Emphasizing in Plastic and Cosmetic Nursing, Jaymie-Rose innately has an eye for aesthetics. 

Nurse90210 specializes in addressing and treating everyone’s specific skin care needs individually.  She believes that a combination of proper skin care and non-surgical intervention with the use of Botox, Fillers, and PRP she can help preserve your natural beauty and youthfulness.