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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Beverly Hills

Butt Augmentation, or more commonly known as Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedure that transfers fat to the buttocks to give it a fuller and more attractive shape. Unwanted fats are mostly taken from other parts of the body such as the stomach, thighs and lower back.


One of the fastest-growing plastic surgery procedures in the United States is Brazilian Butt Lift. Not only does Brazilian Butt Lift add shape and volume to the buttocks, it does so using unwanted fat from areas in which it exists in surplus. This combination means that patients can enjoy the lean waist or thighs they desire and a fuller and perkier butt.

Dr. A.J. Khalil is one of Beverly Hills’ leading Brazilian Butt Lift surgeons and has helped a number of patients achieve the beautiful and shapely physique they desire.

Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift attracts a lot of attention from individuals that want to increase the size and fullness of their behind without the placement of a buttock implant. Perhaps they feel that their body isn’t proportional, or their behind is too flat or saggy for their liking.

Suitable candidates must have unwanted fat in an area of the body (such as the stomach, thighs or lower body) that can be removed and used to augment the buttocks. To qualify for surgery, individuals should be in good general and mental health, and free of any medical conditions that could impair healing or raise the risks of surgery. They should have reasonable expectations of the results of surgery and expect improvement (not perfection).

Dr. Khalil meets with each candidate personally to discuss their treatment goals and determine the approach that best suits their unique needs.

Treatment Details

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is an outpatient procedure that involves several steps. Anesthesia is used for total patient comfort.

First, Dr. Khalil uses liposuction techniques to remove excess body fat from the donor area. Most of the time, the donor area is the abdomen, thighs or lower back. He injects tumescent fluid, derived from local anesthetics and epinephrine, into the treated area which numbs it and controls bleeding while making the fat easier to suction. After Dr. Khalil has removed enough fat, the fat is processed and purified. Only the best donor cells with the highest permanent absorption rate are selected to use going forward.

Dr. Khalil then makes a series of injections of the fat at various depths. He usually concentrates on the upper quadrant of the buttocks to give it a “lifted” appearance. The fat injections are made carefully and deliberately to achieve optimal fullness and shape. Dr. Khalil may make a few more injections than necessary, as not all of the injected fat tends to survive the procedure.

Recovery and Results

After surgery, a compression garment is placed over the buttocks to help support the healing tissues and minimize swelling.

Most patients recover at home for about two weeks before resuming work and other normal activities. During this time, patients need to refrain from sitting on their buttocks as much as possible as it heals. Dr. Khalil monitors his patients closely to check their progress, answer questions and keep an eye out for any potential complications.

After healing from surgery, the waist should look smaller in comparison to the bigger buttocks (imagine an exaggerated hourglass shape). Brazilian Butt Lift patients often marvel at how natural the butt looks and feels. Although modern butt implants are advanced, they are no substitute for the feel of natural fat and tissue in the butt. Once the fat develops its own blood supply, it can survive long-term. Another advantage of Brazilian Butt Lift is that it creates a beautiful body shape without leaving any noticeable scarring.

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After the surgery is complete a patient is provided with a compression garment that will be worn for a month in order to help the treated areas heal properly and further improve the patient’s new contour. The patient will need abstain from sitting on their bottom as much as possible for the following two weeks in addition to other restrictions that will be discussed in detail at the free consultation so each of our patients may make the proper arrangements to ensure a timely recovery.