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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) in Beverly Hills

Are you looking to get rid of baggy skin and reduce the puffiness around your eyes? Dr. A. J. Khalil, M.D. offers Beverly Hills eyelid surgery that tightens and tones the eye area. Also known as an eye lift and blepharoplasty, this cosmetic procedure removes excess skin from upper and lower lids.

Reasons for Eyelid Surgery

The benefits of eyelid surgery go beyond cosmetic purposes. There are numerous reasons people decide to have this procedure done, including:

  • Removing Fatty Deposits
  • Improving Sight
  • Reducing Sagging Of Upper Eyelids
  • Tightening Skin Around Eyes
  • Eliminating Puffiness

While eyelid surgery reduces sagging and puffiness, it does not eliminate dark circles, crow’s feet or other wrinkles. You may want to consider other facial procedures to target these areas, such as:

  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Filler Injections
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Eyelid Surgery

Sometimes eyelid surgery is need for medical reasons, like curing irritation from excess folds of eyelid skin or forehead muscular discomfort. Also Ptosis (a medical condition for droopy upper eyelids) is often treated by eyelid lift.

Who are the right candidates for

Both men and women can have eyelid lift surgery, as long as they do not have some underlying health problems like dry eyes or thyroid eye disease. Dr. Khalil will examine you and will work out a plan based on your requirements.