Underlying tissues under the skin that keep your skin looking young and alive and plumped up (in a nice way) start to break down as you grow older. Laugh lines and smile lines become permanent, rather than temporary. Crow’s feet and facial creases start to set up permanent residence in the areas of your skin where facial muscles do their work. Your cheeks start to sink in. And almost before you realize it, you’re looking older.


By the use of soft-base fillers such as Restylane, your cosmetic surgeon can fill in these unsightly lines, creases, and “sinkholes” to help you look younger, with a smoother skin. When injected by an expert, these fillers can add fullness to the lips and cheeks, and reduce or erase those unsightly lines and creases. They can be used alone, together with a facelift, or in conjunction with Botox to prevent the facial movements that cause wrinkles. Restylane-fillers are made from “hyaluronic acid,” a normal component of all living organisms and last longer (up to nine months) than collagen, depending on the injection site.

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