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Beverly Hills, California

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Breast Revision in Beverly Hills

While majority of breast augmentation surgeries are done without problems, sometimes there may be a need for breast correction surgery. Dr. Khalil is the best breast revision doctor Beverly hills that does amazing breast implants removal or replacements. Call us for a free consultation.


Breast Revision Candidates in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills breast revision specialist Dr. Khalil is great for patients whose previous breast augmentation surgery resulted in the following defects:

Rupture : Saline or silicone implants that have broken causing no immediate health threats but resulting in a deflated look of breast.
Symmastia (Uniboob): A result of an over aggressive dissection during surgery giving the patient a web-like appearance between breasts.

Capsular Contracture : Shrunken tissue around the breast implant that typically occurs 4-6 weeks after surgery resulting in compression of the implant or implants causing breasts to be hard, painful and unnatural looking.

Double Bubble : Implants that have fallen below the inframammary fold causing a bubble like effect below the primary projection of the breast.

Implant Malposition : Breast implants that have migrated or were placed too high, too low, too far towards the armpit or too close to the center of the chest.

Rippling : Typically developed in patients with saline implants or implants placed over the muscle resulting in a visible or palpable ripple in breast.

Dr. Khalil is a skilled board certified surgeon who views breast revision as one of the most rewarding surgeries in plastics. He utilizes many techniques to correct the various problems and complications that can occur following a breast augmentation. Each breast revision patient requires a different surgical plan in order to correct the problem at hand. Dr.Khalil’s attention to detail and dedication to patient care provides patients with comfort, knowledge and best of all the natural-looking result they have always envisioned for themselves. Coming in for a free consultation will help you to understand the exact problem you are experiencing and surgical plan Dr.Khalil has in mind for you!


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Following a patients revision surgery, bandages or dressings will be applied to breasts and the patient will be given an elastic bandage or support bra in order minimize swelling and provide support. The healing process for a breast revision surgery may take longer than the initial surgery depending on the problem addressed so it is important to allow the proper time needed for recovery to ensure the best results. Each patient is provided with post-operative recovery information prior to surgery on the day of the free consultation.