If you have been unable to get a curvy and rounded buttock with diet and exercise, butt augmentation may be viable for you. Butt augmentation (also known as gluteoplasty) involves inserting implants into the buttocks to achieve a fuller and rounder shape. It may help reduce the appearance of cellulite and give the buttock a youthful and curvy look. Dr. Khalil provides buttock augmentation with implants in addition to fat transfer (a.k.a., Brazilian Butt Lift).
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Buttock Augmentation with Butt Implants

The traditional way to enhance the buttocks is to surgically insert artificial implants into the bottom. Implants come in different shapes and sizes to achieve different cosmetic outcomes. They are an excellent way to add fullness and projection to a flat or shapeless buttocks.

Candidates for Butt Implants

Candidates for buttock augmentation with implants should be at least 18 years of age and in good health with reasonable expectations of surgery (i.e., they desire improvement, not perfection). Dr. Khalil consults with each patient to examine the buttocks, discuss the goals of treatment and develop a suitable surgical plan.

Butt Implants Treatment Details

Butt implants are placed during an outpatient procedure with anesthesia. Incisions are made where the buttock cheeks meet the top of the thighs or within the buttock crease. A pocket is created in each cheek either above or below the muscle. Then, the implants are inserted and carefully positioned within the pocket. The incisions are placed in the natural creases and folds of the skin so that the resulting scars are inconspicuous. They should fade naturally over time.

Butt Implants Recovery and Results

After a traditional buttock augmentation in Los Angeles with Dr. Khalil, the area is typically swollen, bruised, and sore. These side effects will subside within a few days, and as the initial swelling improves you will begin to see the full results of the procedure.

Butt implants are long lasting and results are considered to be almost permanent. To view results from Dr. Khalil’s previous patients, visit our butt augmentation before and after photo gallery.

Brazilian butt lift in Beverly Hills
Butt Augmentation By Dr. Khalil – Before & After*

Brazilian Butt Lift (Butt Augmentation With Fat Transfer)

Brazilian Butt Lift is becoming the more popular way to add shape and fullness to the buttocks because it has added body contouring benefits. The patient’s own fat is taken from another area of the body, like the thighs or abdomen, purified and injected into the buttocks to reshape it. As a result, the donor area of the body looks slimmer and more sculpted, and the buttocks looks more prominent.

Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift in Los Angeles should be at least 18 years old, physically and psychologically healthy, and have excess fat in a different area of the body. Dr. Khalil will examine each candidate to determine if a fat transfer breast augmentation is the best way for the patient to achieve their desired results.

Brazilian Butt Lift Treatment Details

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is performed on an outpatient basis with anesthesia. The donor fat is removed from the body with liposuction techniques. The fat is purified and prepared for injection. Finally, small amounts of fat are injected into each buttock cheek at varying depths. The amount of fat transplanted depends on the desired results. A good amount of the fat is injected into the upper quadrants of the buttocks to give it a “lifted” appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery and Results

After Brazilian Butt Lift, the donor area and the buttocks are usually sore, swollen and bruised. Pain medication is prescribed for any discomfort, and wearing a compression garment can help minimize swelling. Patients must avoid sitting directly on the buttocks as it heals. Almost immediately after surgery, the buttocks should look shapelier and more curvaceous, and should continue to look more attractive over time.

Typically around 20 percent of the transplanted fat is absorbed by the body, and the rest develops a blood supply to thrive. Patients should enjoy their newly curvy and shapely figure indefinitely.

Other Considerations for Butt Augmentation

Dr. Khalil will do a careful examination and consultation to determine whether you are best fit for butt implants, fat transfer or both. Often patients with a thinner frame are better suited to buttocks implants. With today’s technology, implants are considered safe and long lasting. Since butt implants are made of solid or cohesive silicones, there is a possibility of a leakage or break.

Butt augmentation is an involved procedure and has a recovery time of 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, patients need to avoid putting weight on the buttocks. Once it is healed, usually the augmented rear has a firm and natural feel.


Although everyone heals differently from buttock augmentation, scars are not usually visible. The incisions made to insert butt implants are carefully positioned in the natural transitions and creases of the skin. With Brazilian Butt Lift, the fat is injected through thin needles, and as long as the skin openings heal correctly, there is no noticeable scarring.

Complementary Procedures

If you have loose, saggy skin on your buttocks due to significant weight loss, you may pair butt augmentation with buttock lift to remove redundant skin and tighten the remaining skin. Buttock lift alone will not improve the volume of the buttocks, but when combined with the placement of an implant it provides a beautiful result.

Other procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck and breast augmentation can greatly complement the results of buttock augmentation. If you are interested in a full-body makeover, ask Dr. Khalil to recommend complementary procedures based on your treatment goals.

Butt Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have enough fat to use for Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is likely you can still achieve a wonderful Brazilian Butt Lift result even if you think you do not have enough fat. Dr. Khalil will carefully evaluate your physique to look for excess fat in areas like the abdomen, hips, flanks or thighs. If he does not find adequate excess fat, you can consider butt implants as an alternative.

Will I need to replace my butt implants at some point?

Buttock implants are generally considered a lifetime device. As long as you trust your care to an expert like Dr. Khalil and follow all of his instructions, it is reasonable to expect your implants will last for life.

How can I speed up my recovery from butt augmentation?

You must read and follow all of your post-operative guidelines from Dr. Khalil and not skip any follow-up appointments. Part of your instructions will include wearing a supportive surgical garment over your buttocks for up to four weeks. Wear the garment as much as possible, as it helps the tissues heal and minimizes swelling.

You will also be instructed to limit your physical activities during your initial recovery. Although you may be tempted to get back to your normal routine or workouts, rest and relax as much as possible. Pushing your body too soon can actually set your recovery back or, worse, cause a complication.

Why should I choose Dr. Khalil for my buttock augmentation?

Nothing influences the quality of your result like the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon. Dr. Khalil has years of experience with both Brazilian Butt Lift and the placement of buttock implants. He stays up to date on all advances in the procedure so he can continually refine the results. Dr. Khalil will do more than simply increase the size of your butt; by tailoring his approach to your physique and goals, he will artfully and precisely sculpt your ideal buttocks.

How much does buttock augmentation cost?

The cost of buttock augmentation depends on the approach taken (i.e., Brazilian Butt Lift versus the placement of implants) and whether other procedures are incorporated into treatment. Our team can give you an estimate of the associated costs during your consultation.

Learn More About Butt Augmentation

Our butt augmentation procedure in Beverly Hills is one of the hottest plastic surgery procedures today. Renowned in South America, butt augmentation and lift has been steadily increasing in popularity in the USA.

Whether you are a candidate for fat transfer or implants, Dr. Khalil will work with you on a detailed personalized plan in line with your goals and aspirations. Call us for a FREE consultation and get started on a newer, more confident YOU.

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Things to consider

Our butt augmentation procedure in Beverly Hills is one of the hottest plastic surgery procedures today. Renowned in South America, butt augmentation and lift has been steadily increasing in popularity in the USA.

How long does butt augmentation last?

Once healed, the effects of implants last a long time, its almost permanent. For fat transfer, typically around 20% of the fat is absorbed by the body and the rest remains in the butt and helps to provide a curvy and shapely figure.

Whether you are a candidate for fat transfer or implants, Dr. Khalil will work with you on a detailed personalized plan in line with your goals and aspirations. Call us for a FREE consultation and get started on a newer, more confident YOU.

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