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Breast Implant Removal
in Beverly Hills

Dr. A.J. Khalil is one of the leading providers of breast explant surgery in Beverly Hills.

Breast Implant Removal Beverly HillsThere are several reasons a woman might turn to Dr. Khalil to remove her implants. Some women no longer like the look of their implants or have other aesthetic concerns. For other women it’s based on symptoms or concerns related to breast implant illness or breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

No matter what the reason, Dr. Khalil is committed to providing exceptional patient care. He guides patients through the entire experience, from planning to undergoing surgery and recovering from the operation.

Reasons to Have Breast Explant Surgery

Some of the breast explant candidates Dr. Khalil meets are bothered by the way their implants look and feel. They may feel as though they were happier with their appearance before getting implants. Other women find that their implants get in the way of certain activities or tasks, or their implants no longer align with their stage of life or goals.

Still other women develop an implant-related complication called capsular contracture, which is a hardening of the scar tissue surrounding the implant. Implants that have dropped below the natural breast crease, developed rippling, ruptured or developed other complications also must be removed.

More recently, Dr. Khalil has met a lot of breast explant candidates who are concerned about their implants leading to an autoimmune disease or worsening an existing health condition. These women experience symptoms such as cognitive dysfunction, unexplained fatigue and muscle pain that they believe is caused by “breast implant illness.”

Breast Explant Surgery Beverly HillsAnother concern is breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). This rare form of lymphoma develops around breast implants (most often implants with textured surfaces). Symptoms of BIA-ALCL include pain, breast enlargement, lumps in the breast or armpits, skin rashes, hardening of the breasts and fluid collection that develops at least a year after implant placement. The FDA has stated that women with textured implants do not need to have them removed unless they are diagnosed with BIA-ALCL; however, the thought of developing the cancer can cause some women to pre-emptively remove their implants.

Breast Explant Surgery Details

Prior to explant surgery, Dr. Khalil meets one on one with each patient to discuss her implant-related concerns and develop a treatment plan to remove her implants.

The surgery itself is performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Dr. Khalil may be able to perform the surgery through an incision in the location used to originally place the implants (e.g., the crease where the breast meets the torso or around the areola). Alternatively, he might need to make the incision in a different area of the breast. The incision location depends on factors such as whether a breast lift is needed after the implants are removed.

Recovering From Breast Explant Surgery

After surgery, bruising and swelling of the breasts is common, but temporary. Patients are encouraged to rest as much as possible for a few days after surgery, resuming light activity when they feel ready. Most patients can resume work and start to feel like themselves again within two weeks of the procedure.

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If you are interested in breast explant surgery for aesthetic or health-related reasons, Dr. Khalil can help. Please contact our Beverly Hills office to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.