It’s no secret that many people are attracted to a big, round butt. This trend is reflected in the rise in popularity of buttock augmentation surgery. Dr. A.J. Khalil, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, performs Brazilian butt lift (BBL) frequently to give his patients contours that make them feel more attractive and confident. Below, he reviews some of the factors to determine if you are a good candidate for this surgery.

Would You Like a More Voluminous Butt?

When you look in the mirror after putting on pants or tight shorts, do you get discouraged by the lack of shape you see? If you want a larger butt that both looks and feels natural, then BBL is the easiest way to achieve this goal. By implanting your own fat cells toward the top of your butt cheeks, you can get the kind of shape you have always wanted.

Are You in Good Health?

During the consultation phase, Dr. Khalil will review your medical history to confirm that you are a good candidate for surgery. People with certain medical conditions or on specific medications may not be considered great candidates for elective, cosmetic surgeries like BBL. The procedure is also not recommended for smokers since smoking can prolong and complicate recovery from surgery. If you are currently a smoker, you should quit well in advance of your surgery. 

Do You Have Excess Fat Elsewhere on Your Body?

To transfer fat to your buttocks, you must have unwanted fat in another area of your body. Many patients are excited to have the opportunity to get rid of belly or thigh fat while also augmenting their rear end, looking at it as two cosmetic procedures in one. However, some very thin patients may not have enough fat on their bodies to transfer. If you have a slighter frame, you may be better served by gluteal implants.

Do You Mind Adjusting Your Habits During Your Recovery?

It is important to avoid putting pressure on your buttocks during your first two or three weeks of recovery. This means that you cannot sit or lie down on your back as you normally would. While this does not mean you have to stand for a few weeks straight, you do have to be willing to sleep on your stomach or use a BBL pillow (which puts pressure on your thighs instead of your buttocks) when you sit down. As long as these modifications seem reasonable, and you are willing to follow your surgeon’s instructions, you should not have any problems.

Speak to Dr. Khalil

After reviewing these considerations, if you believe you could benefit from BBL, please come speak directly to a world-class plastic surgeon for more information. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Khalil, call (310) 385-8601.