As Seen on Channel 4 – Deadly Butt Lifts

Dr. AJ Khalil discusses why it is so dangerous to have aesthetic procedures performed by individuals not certified in cosmetic medicine. Besides the individuals having no training they also used products in this deadly butt lift that by no means have been approved for this procedure. Dr. Aj Khalil discusses on Channel 4 News, why it is so important to not only research the individual you are going to for... Read More

Mommy Makeovers: Giving Mothers their Bodies Back

“Mommy Maker” is a surgical procedure that allows new mothers to achieve the body they once had before child birth. After carrying a child for nine months, the changes in women’s bodies aren’t able to recover naturally despite dedication to diet plans, gym memberships, trainers, and additional supplements. The procedure helps women reach the confidence and comfort level they desire when they hit a plateau and do not see any... Read More

Design of the Georgetown University Medical Study on Perceived Beauty

Many plastic surgeons have boasted the results of the benefits of facial plastic surgery. However, for a time it lacked the scientific backing from periodicals. This past April, JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery published a study which examined the perception of patients by their peers post-operation. The study was performed at Georgetown University Medical Center. The objective was to introduce the term of facial profiling to the surgical community while quantifying... Read More