How to Achieve an Hourglass Figure

Women’s bodies come in many beautiful shapes and sizes, but one of the most aspirational shapes is the hourglass figure. Women who have an hourglass shape have larger breasts, a thinner waist at the middle, and wide hips. If genetics did not bless you with this shape, you may still be able to create these contours with help from an expert plastic surgeon like Dr. A.J. Khalil. Read on to... Read More

Is It Safe to Combine Cosmetic Procedures?

When it comes to plastic surgery, each patient’s journey is different. Some people have cosmetic concerns that can be successfully addressed with a single treatment, while others have goals that would most effectively be improved with two or more complementary procedures. If you are interested in multiple surgeries, you are probably wondering if it is safe to have more than one surgery performed at the same time. Renowned Beverly Hills... Read More

Do You Always Look Tired? These Procedures Can Help

Do you ever wake up after a full night of sleep feeling refreshed, but then look in the mirror and see a reflection that tells a different story? Unfortunately, the aging process can cause the skin around your eyes to have a permanently tired look, no matter how awake you happen to feel at any given moment. Elite plastic surgeon Dr. A.J. Khalil describes some of the facial cosmetic procedures... Read More

Popular Plastic Surgery Combinations that Produce Great Results

For the right candidates, combining two or more plastic surgery procedures makes perfect sense. Two procedures may be required to achieve the desired aesthetic results. Also, combining procedures involves only one trip to the operating room, one round of anesthesia and one recovery period. Take a moment to learn more about the most popular plastic surgery combinations offered by Dr. A.J. Khalil. Mommy Makeover Mommy makeover, which addresses the effects... Read More

Tips To Mentally Prepare Yourself for Plastic Surgery

Over the years, our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. A.J. Khalil, has blogged about physically preparing for plastic surgery by eating a healthy diet, exercising and getting plenty of sleep. But mental and emotional preparation is just as important as the physical preparation. In today’s post, Dr. Khalil offers suggestions to mentally prepare yourself for an upcoming plastic surgery procedure. Have all the facts Knowledge is empowering! Feeling prepared and... Read More

Why Patients Travel to Beverly Hills to See Dr. Khalil

Dr. A.J. Khalil is a highly sought-after plastic surgeon who has committed his career to helping people look and feel their best through advanced surgical procedures and leading-edge technology. Men and women have traveled from all over the country to see Dr. Khalil for their plastic surgery treatment. Take a moment to learn why. Fellowship-Trained Plastic surgeons complete four years of medical school and an additional four years of residency... Read More

How to Find the Best Surgeon to Perform Your Brazilian Butt Lift

If you are interested in enhancing the shape and size of your buttocks through Brazilian Butt Lift, you will be faced with several choices. The first is whom to select to perform the procedure. To help guide you through the decision-making process, Dr. A.J. Khalil shares a few helpful tips here. Know What to Look For Board certification – First, the person you ask to do the work should be... Read More

Why Fall and Winter Are the Perfect Months to Undergo Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. A.J. Khalil, respected Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, can’t think of a bad time of year for his patients to pursue facial rejuvenation. However, there are distinct advantages to scheduling surgery during the fall and winter months. Here, Dr. Khalil explains why he sees a surge of patients scheduling facelift, neck lift, eyelid surgery and similar procedures around this time of year. Most People Take Time Off Around the Holidays... Read More

Top 5 Reasons You Should See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

As you narrow your search for a qualified plastic surgeon, Beverly Hill plastic surgeon Dr. A.J. Khalil encourages you to limit your options to board certified plastic surgeons only. Working with a board certified plastic surgeon reduces your risks of surgery and maximizes your chances for success. Here, Dr. Khalil shares the top five reasons why board certification matters. 1. Extensive Training In order to become board-certified, a plastic surgeon... Read More

How to Talk to Your Children about Having Plastic Surgery

A plastic surgery patient faces many important conversations — like meeting a potential plastic surgeon and the pre-surgical consultation — and none more delicate than the one that involves telling their child about the planned operation. If you have decided to undergo plastic surgery, but you don’t know how to discuss it with your children, Dr. A.J. Khalil shares some helpful tips in this blog post. Honesty Is the Best... Read More

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