Recovering from Mommy Makeover: What to Expect After Surgery

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are joyous and fulfilling life experiences for a woman, but these events often result in major changes to the body, such as stretched skin, stubborn fat, and sagging breasts. Even after incorporating diet and exercise or returning to a pre-pregnancy weight, many women are not pleased with their appearance after having a baby. A mommy makeover is an ideal solution for improving several cosmetic concerns at once... Read More

Can I Get Pregnant Again After My Mommy Makeover?

If you have undergone mommy makeover surgery, you are likely delighted with your results. Depending on the procedures that were included as part of your makeover, you may be enjoying a tighter tummy, perkier breasts, and a shapelier overall physique. However, patients who are considering having more children after their surgeries may have concerns about their ability to get pregnant again, or what to expect if they do become pregnant.... Read More

Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Mommy Makeover

Are you envious of women who have seemingly impossibly toned bodies even after having children? While some women are biologically blessed to maintain a great figure after a pregnancy, most see significant changes. Fortunately, mommy makeover — a customizable plastic surgery plan that can include popular procedures such as breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction — can help you to enhance your body. Here, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr.... Read More

Changes Women Experience after Pregnancy

In the world of cosmetic surgery, the “mommy makeover” has become a popular option for mothers who want to address postpartum changes to multiple areas of the body with multiple procedures at once. This all-at-once approach has a couple of important benefits — namely, it reduces fees and limits recovery time. Dr. Khalil is an expert in performing mommy makeovers. (more…)

Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Mommy Makeover

There is no denying that pregnancy, childbirth and nursing can take a huge toll on your body. After having children, you might feel self-conscious or embarrassed by sagging, deflated breasts, an abdominal pooch and excess body fat. Unfortunately, as a busy mother, you probably do not have as much time as you need to exercise regularly or follow a strict diet to achieve your ideal physique. If you do not... Read More

Timing a Mommy Makeover after Pregnancy: How Long Should You Wait?

It is very common for women that are done having children to feel eager and excited to reclaim their pre-baby body. Mommy makeover is a fabulous way to correct the toll that pregnancy and nursing take on a woman’s body and help her “bounce back” physically and mentally after having children. If you’re thinking about mommy makeover, Dr. A.J. Khalil encourages you to time your surgery carefully. Read on as... Read More

What Is Included in Mommy Makeover?

Having children is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Unfortunately, if you have had children you may be all too familiar with the physical toll pregnancy takes on the body. If you look at old photos of yourself and wish you could return to your pre-pregnancy glory, mommy makeover may be a good option for you. Below, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon A.J. Khalil explains what is... Read More

Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery Options

Pregnancy is a beautiful and magical experience, but it can be tough on the mother’s body. Carrying, delivering and nursing a baby usually leaves some “battle scars” — whether in the form of excess fat, saggy breasts, stretch marks or all of the above. Trusted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon A.J. Khalil has been helping mothers reclaim their body confidence for many years. Below, he describes some of the best post-pregnancy... Read More