Preparing for a Breast Consultation: What You Should Know

If you have been considering a breast procedure and finally feel ready to take the plunge, the first step is to meet with a plastic surgeon. This consultation gives you the opportunity to get to know the doctor, learn more about the procedure and get all the information you need to make your final decision. Here, Dr. A.J. Khalil, an award-winning plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, explains some of the... Read More

Recovery Tips for Breast Procedure Patients

Women choose to have breast procedures for a variety of reasons, but one thing most share is a desire to understand what the recovery entails. The details of the recovery process vary depending on the specific procedure. Dr. Khalil always provides aftercare instructions and follow-up care for the best patient experience and outcomes possible. Here he provides a few tips to help prepare you for your recovery. (more…)

Combine Breast Surgery with Body Contouring to Reach Your Dream Figure

Breast surgery can enhance your appearance through breast augmentation with implants or a breast lift. Breast reduction can give you the balanced figure you've always wanted and alleviate painful symptoms of macromastia (large breasts). Whether you're restoring breast shape and placement after pregnancy and breastfeeding or addressing asymmetrical breasts, these procedures are often combined with body contouring to transform your body shape.  Dr. A.J. Khalil can help you determine whether... Read More

Sensation Changes After Breast Surgery: What to Expect

Are you planning to alter the size and/or shape of your breasts with a procedure like breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction? You probably have questions about both how your breasts will look and how they will feel after surgery. Here, respected Beverly Hills breast surgeon A.J. Khalil explains what to expect in terms of sensation changes after breast surgery. Breast and Nipple Sensation After Surgery Changes in breast... Read More

The Importance of Wearing a Compression Bra After Breast Surgery

One of the exciting things about planning breast surgery is dreaming of the ways you will dress your newly improved bust. But before you can shop for new bras, you will be outfitted in a compression bra for a few weeks. This compression bra is nothing glamorous — it resembles a sports bra — but it plays an important role in your healing and overall results. Dr. A.J. Khalil will... Read More

Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery Options

Pregnancy is a beautiful and magical experience, but it can be tough on the mother’s body. Carrying, delivering and nursing a baby usually leaves some “battle scars” — whether in the form of excess fat, saggy breasts, stretch marks or all of the above. Trusted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon A.J. Khalil has been helping mothers reclaim their body confidence for many years. Below, he describes some of the best post-pregnancy... Read More

The Most Common Reasons Why Women Pursue Breast Surgery

Breast surgery can be a life-changing experience, and the reasons for having it are as diverse as the women that choose to have the procedure. Some breast surgery candidates have noticed undesirable changes to their breasts from pregnancy, nursing, gravity or the effects of aging; others have disliked their breasts their entire life. Whatever the reason, Dr. A.J. Khalil is the plastic surgeon Beverly Hills women trust for safe and... Read More