If you are unhappy with oversized breasts, your best option to address the issue is plastic surgery. Breast reduction is a popular surgery that decreases the overall volume of the breasts by removing tissue. To help prospective patients better understand what their ideal breast size is, prestigious Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. A.J. Khalil reviews some of the most important factors.

Consider Proportions

So much of what makes a person beautiful is proportionality. Women have different sized bodies: if you have a tinier frame, smaller breasts may be appropriate, whereas if you have a larger frame, larger breasts may feel more harmonious. (This is why, for best results, Dr. Khalil encourages his patients to be at their target weight for a sustained period of time before surgery.) Moreover, if you have wide hips, you may want your breasts to be somewhat large to achieve or maintain an hourglass figure.

Activity Level

Undoubtedly, you are already hyperaware that having large breasts can limit your physical activity. The extra weight and bounce of oversized breasts make running, jumping, and other forms of exercise more challenging. If you are an athletic person or want to pursue sports more seriously, you may decide that it is helpful to have your breasts on the smaller side.

Anticipate the “Lift”

In most breast reduction surgeries that Dr. Khalil performs, he incorporates a breast lift to remove excess skin and elevate the breasts to a youthful, appealing position on the chest. This ensures that the breasts have a fuller, rounder shape (rather than a pendulous form), with most of the volume at the bottom. This may help you feel more confident about decreasing your breast size without losing attractiveness.  

Your Personal Taste

Truthfully, there is not a universally accepted “ideal” breast size — there is only a breast size that feels ideal for you. Therefore, your personal taste matters. A breast reduction can be a modest downsize or more dramatic — so long as Dr. Khalil can safely remove your desired amount of tissue, it is usually achievable. 

Discuss Your Goals with Your Plastic Surgeon

The best way to guarantee that your results will look the way you envisioned them is to communicate your preferences during the consultation phase. The more thoroughly you explain your desires, the easier it is for a plastic surgeon to fulfill your goals. That is why Dr. Khalil asks a lot of questions of the patient during the consultation phase — to make sure that he achieves a breast size, areola size, and nipple projection that are to your liking.

To get started on your breast reduction journey, schedule an appointment with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Khalil. For an appointment, call 310-385-8601 today.