Although Dr. A.J. Khalil has heard just about every question imaginable from potential breast surgery candidates, he understands that some women feel reluctant to ask certain questions. He thought it would be helpful to blog about some of the topics that women tend to avoid. If you don’t see your question answered here, Dr. Khalil encourages you to contact him. No question or topic is off limits!

How will my breasts feel with implants?

It’s nearly impossible to predict exactly how your breasts will feel with implants. It really depends on the:

  • amount of existing breast tissue
  • implant size
  • implant type

The larger your breasts are before implants, the more “cushioning” you will have around the implant. And, the bigger the implant, the more likely you will feel it. Also, some implant types feel more like natural breast tissue than others.

Will I have scarring?

Anytime a surgeon creates an incision in the skin, it leaves a scar. But for many patients, scarring isn’t actually a big problem. Dr. Khalil will make the incisions carefully and provide you with scar management tips so that your scars fade over time. They won’t ever disappear completely, but they might be barely visible within a year.

What are the chances that I lose nipple sensitivity?

There is a chance that you could temporarily or permanently lose nipple sensation. The chance of losing nipple sensitivity increases if you select oversized implants that stretch the nerves in your chest. This is something usually discussed during consultation.

However, the truth is that it is very rare to have permanent and total nipple numbness. Most women that experience changes regain most of the sensation within a year of surgery.

Will my recovery from breast surgery hurt?

Everyone has their own unique threshold for pain, but serious pain and discomfort after surgery are rare. Dr. Khalil is very attuned to his patients during their recovery, and he provides pain management techniques and prescription medication to minimize discomfort.

Will breast augmentation enlarge my nipples?

Breast augmentation generally has no noticeable effect on the size of the nipples or the areolas (the darkly pigmented skin surrounding the nipple). The nipples and areolas may stretch and measure a bit bigger, but they certainly won’t increase proportionally to the size of the implant. Breast augmentation won’t change their position, either. If they point upward, downward or out to the side before surgery, they will look that way after surgery too.  

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