One of the most important parts of your breast augmentation experience is selecting your implant size. As an experienced breast augmentation surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr. A.J. Khalil has helped many women successfully choose their implants. Below, he shares important do’s and don’ts.

Do: Be Honest with Yourself

Take some time to think about your goals, and how your personality and lifestyle complement your desired outcomes. If you want extra-large implants, yet hate receiving attention for your appearance, re-consider your choice. If you are an active person that loves running or aerobic exercise, be honest about the implant size that won’t get in the way of your favorite activities.

Don’t: Use the Rice Test

Placing bags of uncooked rice or implants in your bra to simulate the results of breast augmentation is an outdated practice. Not only does it overestimate the volume that you will achieve with breast augmentation, it also inaccurately reflects how that volume will be distributed in your breast.

Instead, ask your plastic surgeon about three-dimensional digital imaging. This involves digitally manipulating a snapshot of your breasts to simulate your augmentation results. The simulations are much more accurate and helpful to visualize what your results will look like with differently sized saline or silicone implants. You should be able to access these images at home and take some time to make your decision.

Do: Consider Your Chest Measurements

During the consultation process, your plastic surgeon should examine your natural breasts, noting the amount and thickness of the native breast tissue. He should also take measurements of your breasts, including the width of your breast base, the diameter of your breasts and the distance between the nipple and the breast fold (where your breast meets your torso). These measurements are important.

Based on your anatomy and measurements, your plastic surgeon will recommend the implant sizes most likely to help you accomplish your goals. At that point you can make your decision.

Don’t: Leave It to Your Surgeon to Make Last-Minute Decisions

If your surgeon offers to choose your implant size during the operation, you should decline. Some surgeons use tools called implant sizers to help them compare options before making a last-minute decision and placing the implants. Sizers actually skew their view, introduce bacteria and subject the breast tissue to trauma during surgery. The decision about implant size should be agreed-upon well ahead of time, during consultation.

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