As the years pass, some women with breast implants decide they no longer want large breasts. For personal or medical reasons, they make the decision to remove their implants.

In these cases, a common concern is how the breasts will look after removing (a.k.a., explanting) the implants. The surgery can go one of two ways: either the breasts will look smaller after surgery yet still retain a good shape, or they will look saggy, flat or “deflated.” In the latter scenario, breast lift can be performed to raise the breasts higher on the chest.

If you are considering breast explant surgery, you may be curious whether you will need a breast lift to attain a pleasing breast contour. It is difficult to predict whether you could benefit from a lift, as it depends on several factors. The best thing to do is consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. A.J. Khalil about your options.

Factors that Affect Whether You’ll Need a Lift

The following factors will affect whether you could benefit from a breast lift after removing your implants:

Skin Elasticity: If your breast skin has lost elasticity, it won’t be able to contract over your breasts once the implants are removed. Instead, it will probably look loose and saggy. Breast lift will remove excess breast skin and tighten the breast tissue for perkier, more youthful-looking breasts.

Implant Size: If you have very large implants, the size and the weight of the implants has likely stretched out the breast skin. It is not likely that your skin will be able to “snap back” after the implants are removed; instead, your breasts may look saggy and deflated.

Duration of Implants: Skin loses elasticity with age. If it has been many years since your breast augmentation, it is likely your skin has stretched out.

Weight Fluctuation: If you have been pregnant or fluctuated significantly in weight, it could affect the elasticity of your skin.

Should You Combine Breast Explant and Breast Lift?

If Dr. Khalil feels you would benefit from a lift after removing your implants, you have two options:

  1. You can have both procedures at the same time.
  2. You can have the procedures during separate surgeries.

Both approaches are acceptable. You may want to have your implants removed, recover from the surgery, see how your breasts settle and then schedule breast lift at a later date. Or, you may prefer to have both procedures done simultaneously so you only have to undergo anesthesia and recover once.

Whether you have breast explant and breast lift performed at the same time or separated into two different stages, you can ultimately expect an attractive result.

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