One of the most exciting rewards of breast augmentation is discovering how great your newly enhanced cleavage looks in a luxurious piece of lingerie. You’ll have to be patient, though, as your breasts have to heal from surgery before you can start wearing regular bras.

Read on as Dr. A.J. Khalil explains how soon you can start wearing regular bras after breast augmentation.

Supporting the Breasts during the Initial Healing Period

During the first few weeks after breast augmentation, the breasts are usually tender and swollen, the incisions are healing and the implants need time to “settle” into their final position. Regular bras don’t provide ample support to keep the implants positioned properly. Also, bras with underwire may irritate or put pressure on healing incisions that were made in the inframammary fold.

Instead of regular or underwire bras, Dr. Khalil will ask you to wear either a compression bra or a sports bra. Although these bras aren’t sexy or beautiful, they provide the support, protection and compression that your breasts need after surgery. A compression or sports bra will help keep your implants in their proper position and ensure that your surgical incisions heal correctly. The gentle compression also helps reduce swelling, which is common after breast augmentation.

The exact timeframe for wearing the compression or sports bra can vary based on the patient; Dr. Khalil will be very clear about his expectations in your case. But know that in general, patients are usually encouraged to wear these types of bras for at least a few weeks.

Transitioning to Normal Bras

Although the initial healing period only takes a few weeks, it can take up to several months for your breasts to completely stabilize and the swelling to subside. During this time, you might find that you wear several different bra sizes. For this reason, Dr. Khalil recommends sticking to basic styles that don’t cost too much. It’s best to put off any expensive lingerie purchases until you have fully healed.

Once you have achieved your final results, you might find it useful to get professionally fitted at a high-end department store, like Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s, or a specialty lingerie boutique. A bra fit specialist can help you find the size that best accentuates your sexy new appearance.

Contact Dr. Khalil with Questions

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