If you are planning to undergo breast augmentation, you may find yourself overwhelmed with recovery advice from well-meaning friends and family. Some of this advice may be specific to their own experiences and therefore not relate to your surgery. If that is the case, you can probably nod, smile and then politely ignore the advice.

But what you should never ignore is information that comes directly from Dr. A.J. Khalil and your surgical team, including the following:

Don’t Sleep on Your Stomach or Sides

Sleeping on your stomach or sides puts too much pressure on your healing breast tissue and implants. You will be asked to sleep on your back for several weeks after surgery. Sleeping at an incline can help limit swelling. Prop yourself up with a special wedge pillow ordered off Amazon, or several standard bed pillows. Alternatively, you might try sleeping in a reclining chair or even on the sofa.

Keep Your Arms Shoulder Level or Below

For the first few weeks after surgery, you must not raise your arms above shoulder level. A smart way to prepare for this restriction ahead of time is to take what you think you might need during recovery out from cabinets or shelves and place it on your bathroom or kitchen counters so it’s easily accessible.

Don’t Lift Anything Heavier than 5 Pounds after Surgery

Lifting heavy objects can lead to serious post-operative complications. Avoid lifting anything heavier than about five pounds until Dr. Khalil clears you to do so. This includes children, so make sure you have help with childcare during your recovery.

Avoid Running, Jumping and Performing Other Vigorous Activities

Vigorous movements like running, jumping or bouncing may hurt your healing incisions or implants. If you feel up to it, you can take slow, short walks, gradually increasing your speed and distance. But refrain from any strenuous aerobic activities until Dr. Khalil gives you the go-ahead.

Stay Positive

Recovering from surgery can stir up a range of emotions. At times you may feel disappointed with your healing progress or anxious to see your final results. Try to maintain a positive attitude and trust that Dr. Khalil is completely committed to your satisfaction.

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