Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is now the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world. Its surging popularity should not come as a surprise — social media is obsessed with celebrities who have large buttocks like the Kardashians and Nicki Minaj.

Dr. A.J. Khalil confirms that this trend is active in Beverly Hills, too. If you have been interested in augmenting your backside, read this blog to learn a few of the reasons their patients are thrilled to have larger butts.  

It Attracts Potential Mates

Fat on most parts of the body may not be considered widely desirable, but fat on the buttocks is an exception for many. In many contemporary cultures, having a large, round butt is considered sexually attractive — an asset while looking for a new romantic partner or heightening the interest of a current partner.

Sitting Is More Comfortable

Sitting down on a bench or other hard surface with flat buttocks can feel uncomfortable or hurt your tailbone. Thankfully, you do not need to look for a cushion when the cushion is attached to your backside. That extra fat is just the padding you need to sit without getting sore.

You Always Look Great in Pants

People with smaller buttocks can spend a lot of time searching for pants. Locating trousers that fit snuggly and shows off the butt’s curves may mean trying on a dozen pairs of pants at the store. With larger buttocks, your hunt is not nearly as difficult. You can be confident that your pants will look nice in most pairs of pants in your size.   

Dancing Is More Fun

Booty-centered dances are all the rage these days. Even if you are not an innately talented dancer, you can look good on the dancefloor provided you have sufficient butt fat to shake around. Put simply, twerking does not look as impressive when performed with a small butt.

Added Balance While Pregnant

Maneuvering with a pregnant belly — especially during the third trimester — is not an easy feat. If you have added weight on your backside just below the waist, it provides a counterbalance that makes walking and standing somewhat more manageable in the months before you give birth.

Get Terrific BBL Results

Not everyone is blessed with a large butt naturally. If you have always wanted to reap the benefits of having an enlarged buttocks, then BBL may be the perfect solution. Seek the opinion of the elite, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Khalil. During a consultation, he will confirm whether you are a good candidate for the surgery and provide photographs of the transformative results he has produced for other patients. Call (310) 385-8601 to set up an appointment or visit our Beverly Hills office today.