Men and women of all ages and stages of life are going crazy for curves, especially those pertaining to the backside. A shapely, voluminous buttocks is widely embraced as a desirable attribute.

Dr. A.J. Khalil frequently uses the innovative Brazilian Butt Lift to help his patients get the buttock curves and fullness they want. Read on as he reveals the reasons behind the Brazilian Butt Lift’s popularity.

More Balanced Body Contours

Many people seek out Brazilian Butt Lift because they feel their buttocks looks flat or out of balance with the rest of their physique. You might feel this way, too. Perhaps you have a voluptuous bust and curvaceous hips, but your buttocks is naturally shapeless or has lost volume with age. Brazilian Butt Lift could be the ideal solution to create proportion and greater balance among your body’s features.

A Buttocks That Looks and Feels Natural

The traditional approach to buttock augmentation (i.e., using implants or other artificial fillers) can create unnatural-looking results. Brazilian Butt Lift is a unique approach to buttock augmentation that uses your own fat tissue to increase the shape and volume of your buttocks.

During the procedure, Dr. Khalil will liposuction fat from another area of your body, such as your abdomen or thighs, in which it exists in surplus. Then, he will inject the fat into your buttocks. Adding volume helps to tighten and “lift” your buttocks by filling the skin envelope. By concentrating on certain areas of your buttocks, Dr. Khalil can give it a youthful and perky appearance.

Sculpts Other Areas of the Body

Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift is a win-win, as it adds to the buttocks while simultaneously “reducing” another part of the body. You will notice the donor area, like your thighs or abdomen, looks slimmer and smoother after your Brazilian Butt Lift.

No Risk of Allergic Reaction

Another key perk of the Brazilian Butt Lift is no risk of allergic reaction since the procedure uses your own fat tissue. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing no foreign substance is introduced to your buttocks. Moreover, as long as the fat develops a new blood supply in your buttocks, it can remain intact indefinitely.

Personalized To Your Unique Goals

There is plenty of flexibility with the Brazilian Butt Lift: whether you are looking for a subtle boost in volume or a dramatic increase in size, Dr. Khalil can meet and exceed your expectations. Your enhanced buttocks can look as modest or shapely as you’d like.

Schedule a Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation Today

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