Breast lift, or mastopexy, involves lifting sagging or drooping breasts higher on the chest in a more youthful position. Many of the women seeking breast lift with Dr. A.J. Khalil are unhappy with how pregnancy and breastfeeding changed their breasts, whereas other breast lift candidates never liked their breasts — perhaps due to genetic factors — or developed sagging after weight fluctuations.

During breast lift, Dr. Khalil lifts the breast tissue, removes excess skin and relocates the nipple-areolar complex higher on the breast mound. The result is perkier breasts that look more youthful.

If you are mostly happy with the size of your breasts (but not the sagging), breast lift alone is probably right for you. Another option is to add breast implants to the breast lift procedure. Here are some signs that it might be beneficial to add saline or silicone implants to your breast lift:

You want to add volume to your breasts.

Many women find that their breasts are not only saggy but also smaller after breastfeeding or weight fluctuation. Breast lift typically does not change the size of the breasts, but placing implants is an excellent way to add volume to breasts after they have been lifted. Implants come in many sizes to accommodate different aesthetic goals.

You want to create a better breast shape.

Another benefit to adding breast implants to breast lift is that it creates a more attractive breast shape. Simply tightening the existing breast does not round out the upper portion of the breast, but placing an implant does.

Whether a round or teardrop-shaped implant is selected, implants improve the contour of the breasts and enhance cleavage. Round implants have equal projection on top and bottom, and teardrop implants are gently sloped to resemble the curve of a natural breast.

Other Benefits to Breast Lift with Implants

There are advantages to combining breast lift with the placement of implants. When an implant is placed during lift, less skin needs to be removed, so Dr. Khalil can usually work through smaller incisions. The smaller the incision, the smaller and less noticeable the resulting scars. Dr. Khalil can usually create these incisions so that scarring is easily disguised under a bathing suit top or bra.

There are also added benefits to combining these procedures into a single operation. For example, you can expect your overall recovery to be shorter after a single surgery than if you spaced out the procedures into separate surgeries. And, there may be some savings with some of the cost factors influencing the prices such as a single facility and anesthesia fee.

Learn More about Breast Lift with Implants

Many patients and plastic surgeons agree that adding breast implants can improve the breast lift results. However, regardless of popular opinion, this is a decision best left to you and Dr. Khalil. To discuss your options with Dr. Khalil, please contact our office today.