Pregnancy and breastfeeding are joyous and fulfilling life experiences for a woman, but these events often result in major changes to the body, such as stretched skin, stubborn fat, and sagging breasts. Even after incorporating diet and exercise or returning to a pre-pregnancy weight, many women are not pleased with their appearance after having a baby. A mommy makeover is an ideal solution for improving several cosmetic concerns at once through a combination of customized procedures. Board-certified expert Dr. Khalil is committed to patient safety and satisfaction. Below, he provides information about what to expect after mommy makeover surgery to help you prepare for a smooth recovery.

Your Recovery Depends on Your Personalized Makeover

Mommy makeover surgery is a personalized solution for restoring and improving your pre-pregnancy body. Several procedures can be included in a mommy makeover, combined in a way to give you optimal results. Your mommy makeover may include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Breast Lift

Each procedure has its own recovery process based on the details of your surgical plan. A woman who opted for breast augmentation and tummy tuck will have a different recovery than one who chose a breast lift and liposuction — which can be performed on various areas throughout the body.

Initial Recovery

Your mommy makeover recovery time will vary based on your specific makeover. However, most patients can plan to take two weeks off from work and regular activities to recover. During initial recovery, patients can expect swelling, bruising, and soreness. It can take a few weeks for swelling to subside, and patients should avoid assessing their results until then. You may be fitted with a compression garment to help manage swelling at this stage.

Adhering to Post-operative Instructions

Ensure that you are closely following Dr. Khalil’s post-operative instructions during your recovery. This helps you avoid complications that could impede your healing. The instructions will include physical activity instructions, such as lifting heavy objects; this includes picking up and carrying children. You should plan to have someone with you as you recover to help you take care of yourself, tend to your children, and complete tasks around the house. Additional recovery tips include:

Avoid smoking: If you smoke, you will likely need to refrain from doing so before and after your surgery. Smoking can have negative health effects on the body and can cause serious complications.

Consume healthy foods: A healthy diet will set you on the right track to a speedy recovery. Consume nutrient-dense foods and avoid foods that are high in sugar and fat.

Attend your follow-up appointments: Dr. Khalil will be with you every step of the way before, during, and after your mommy makeover. Remember to attend all follow-up appointments so that Dr. Khalil can accurately assess your healing.

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