When it comes to body contouring, no procedure is more effective at eliminating stubborn pockets of fat than liposuction. Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon A.J. Khalil, MD, has used liposuction surgery to help patients who are close to their goal weight yet still have certain problem areas that they would like to refine. In this blog, he shares which parts of the body are most easily treated with liposuction:  


Whether you have developed a pooch or a full-on beer belly, the stomach is one of the first places that amasses excess pounds. That fat can even extend to form flabs along the lower waist, or what is affectionately known as “love handles.” Fat cells can be suctioned out of all areas of the midsection to achieve nicer contours.


If wearing a short sleeve or sleeveless outfit is your personal nightmare, liposuction is a great option to expand your wardrobe. It is common for people who have toned up most parts of their body to still have lingering flab that dangles from the upper arms. The good news is that liposuction is effective in this area. It can achieve great contours that will not leave you feeling embarrassed during the warm weather months.


For many people, thigh fat is among the most stubborn. It can be frustrating to have persistently thick thighs despite hitting all of your other fitness goals. Liposuction is a reliable approach for reshaping the upper legs to better match the proportions of the rest of your body.

If the lower portion of your legs is as solid as the thighs, then you may also benefit from treating your knees and ankles with liposuction.


Liposuction can clean up the “back rolls” or pockets of fat that form above the buttocks. You may even choose to target back fat for non-aesthetic reasons. Women frequently ask to suction out the fat that bulges out around their bras to increase their comfort.

Chin and Neck

Many patients are unaware that liposuction is not only approved for use on the face, but also remarkably successful in this area. Your double chin and jowls can be tidied up with liposuction, helping to add definition to the jawline. Additionally, if you have developed a thick neck over the years, liposuction can create thinner, more appealing contours.

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