No matter how perky your breasts were in your 20s, aging eventually catches up to you. Over time, you can expect to see your breasts hang lower and lower on your chest. If you miss the appealing elevation of your younger breasts, you can rejuvenate your appearance with breast lift. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. A.J. Khalil suggests some questions that all prospective breast lift patients should ask their surgeons during the consultation stage to ensure that they are fully informed about the procedure and are happy with the outcome.

How Will My Breasts Look After Surgery?

No two women have the same breasts, so surgeons can’t promise certain results without examining your breasts first. During a consultation, a good plastic surgeon devises a surgical plan and sets realistic expectations about what can be achieved. You should make sure the proposed outcome aligns with your personal aesthetic goals and that the surgeon is not overselling results that seem implausible.

Do You Have Photos of Previous Breast Lift Patients?

Top plastic surgeons maintain before-and-after galleries of patients to demonstrate the quality of their work. Because different plastic surgeons specialize in other areas, it is not safe to assume that a great facelift doctor is just as successful at performing breast lift. Ask to see breast lift photos specifically. Dr. Khalil displays many examples on his own website.

Do I Need Breast Implants with Breast Lift?

Breast implants are not a standard part of breast lift, though some women do choose to enhance the size of their breasts in addition to elevating their breasts to maximize the cosmetic benefits. The important thing to remember is that breast lift does not change the amount of tissue in your breasts —lifting them will make them look younger, but not larger. If you want some extra volume, adding implants (even modestly sized implants) is the best way to achieve that. 

What Kind of Scars Will I Have?

Plastic surgeons may use one of multiple incision techniques to elevate breast tissue: a Benelli (“donut”) lift, a vertical (“lollipop”) lift, or a Wise pattern (“anchor”) lift. Usually, the technique a surgeon uses is determined by the amount of breast tissue and the severity of the sagging. It is worth knowing which approach seems like the best fit so you know where your scars will be located.

Get All the Answers You Deserve from an Elite Surgeon

Dr. Khalil would be happy to answer all these questions and more. As a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast procedures like breast lift, he is a popular choice for women in southern California and across the country who want to counteract breast droopiness. To see why so many patients choose Dr. Khalil, please call (310) 385-8601 to schedule a consultation.