Back pain is a common problem that can be caused by poor posture, too much time spent sitting, or other factors. When women with large breasts suffer from back pain, a plastic surgeon may be able to help fix the root of the problem.

In this post. Dr. A.J. Khalil discusses how breast reduction surgery may help alleviate back pain.

Back Pain and Large Breasts

Women with large breasts may have a hard time supporting their weight while maintaining good posture. Their shoulders may slump forward due to the weight of their breasts, placing the back in an unfavorable position.

Large breasts may also be related to migraines, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Certain tasks, such as jogging and other forms of exercise, may be more difficult for women with large breasts.

If you’ve been experiencing any of these symptoms, there are several things you can try to reduce your pain.

Managing Your Back Pain

Some women with large breasts don’t wear the right size bras. You may want to get a customized bra fitting and make sure you are wearing a bra that fits properly. This may help you get more support and maintain better posture throughout the day.

Physical therapy is another option. A physical therapist can look at how you move and give you exercises to strengthen weakened muscles or stretch tight muscles.

Pain medications are another option, but they won’t treat the source of the problem. If you want a permanent solution, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery offers a solution to persistent back, neck, or shoulder pain caused by large breasts. Your plastic surgeon can help you achieve your desired breast size and shape, sometimes with the aid of a breast lift.

Excess breast tissue and skin are removed during this procedure. Incisions are generally placed in the creases of the skin to minimize visible scarring.

You can expect around two weeks of downtime after the procedure. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for six to eight weeks following the procedure.

Unlike other back pain treatment options, the changes caused by a breast reduction are permanent. After your recovery, you’ll have less discomfort and better posture. Some women are also delighted to have more options when buying clothes and less self-consciousness when exercising.

If you have consistent back pain that is interfering with your daily life, talk to a plastic surgeon about the benefits of breast reduction surgery.

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