Every breast augmentation patient has her own individual idea of what she would like to look like after surgery. Some patients want a dramatic makeover in the hopes that others will notice their enhanced breasts. Others want a subtle boost in breast volume and cleavage, but not enough to draw a lot of attention. Both are very attainable goals that require different approaches.

If you fall into the camp of wanting natural-looking breast implants, read on as Dr. A.J. Khalil explains how to achieve your goal.

Your Choice of Surgeon Matters

The skill and experience of your surgeon is of critical importance. You want to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has lots of experience with breast enhancement and has documented results that look very natural. You also want to find a surgeon who listens to you as you describe your goals and expectations of surgery, and does not pressure you into a decision.

Consider Implant Size, Shape and Profile

There is no single breast implant that will guarantee a natural-looking result for every patient. Dr. Khalil works with many different types of implants and will help you find the implant that provides the look you desire. When evaluating your implant choices, consider three important characteristics: size, shape and profile.

Implant size obviously plays a big part in whether your breasts will look natural after augmentation. Dr. Khalil will take measurements of your natural breasts and chest; this will help the two of you find the appropriate implant size in relation to your own body.

Implants can be round or teardrop shaped. Round implants have equal projection on top and bottom, whereas teardrop implants are gently sloped with more volume in the lower portion. Again, your natural anatomy will help determine which shape is right for your needs, but most women feel that teardrop implants more closely mirror the shape of a natural breast.

Profile refers to how far the implant projects from the chest. In general, the lower the profile, the more natural the result looks. On some women, high-profile implants protrude from the chest in a way that looks fake.

Think About Implant Placement

Where your implants are placed also influences how natural your breasts will look. There are two placement options: above the chest muscle and below the chest muscle. Placing implants below the muscle offers more coverage for a more natural look and feel. If you opt to have your implants placed above the muscle and you do not have adequate natural tissue, you may end up with implants that look fake.

Dr. Khalil encourages you to do your homework on your breast implant options. If you would like to speak with him in person about breast augmentation, contact our office to request a consultation.