If you wish your breasts were smaller and fit in better proportion to your body, you may have begun researching ways to reduce their size. While board-certified plastic surgeon A.J. Khalil can attest that breast reduction surgery is the most effective way to accomplish this change, he understands that you may wish to explore non-surgical options before making a final decision. In this blog, he explains how feasible it is for you to diet and exercise your way to smaller breasts.

Exercise Can Help

All breasts contain some amount of fat, so it is certainly possible to see a reduction in size after burning a significant number of calories, particularly as part of an ongoing workout plan. However, the amount of fat can differ dramatically from woman to woman, with some women’s breasts being as low as 7% fat and others’ as high as 56% fat in total volume. Ultimately, the changes you notice after exercise can depend just as much on where you fall in that range as on the intensity of your physical activity.    

If you want to first try to exercise to see how that works for you, develop a plan that includes plenty of high-intensity cardio, which helps to shed calories more efficiently. For some women with large breasts, that is easier said than done since their breasts can make aerobic activity like running more difficult and less comfortable. Pushups and other chest-focused exercises can tighten the chest muscles, which may also reduce the overall volume of the breasts.    

But Exercise Has Limitations

It is virtually impossible to control where fat loss occurs on your body. In the same way you cannot put on a bunch of weight and expect it all to go straight to your breasts, losing weight most likely results in fat loss spread evenly throughout your body. Since the goal is usually to make your breasts more proportional, shrinking other areas simultaneously probably will not fulfill that objective.

Losing a significant amount of weight can also accelerate the rate at which your breasts droop. It is common for women who have shed pounds to see their breasts hang lower and look older. Presumably, even if you want your breasts to be less voluminous, you would still like them to look appealing.

Fortunately, breast lift surgery allows you to avoid these problems. Dr. Khalil can specifically target the tissue in your breasts to achieve the exact size you prefer without changing your shape in other areas. Moreover, breast reduction surgery includes a lifting technique to ensure your smaller breasts rest high on your chest for a continued youthful presentation.

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