Do you know that you want larger breasts, but remain uncertain about what size you would like them to be? This is true of many women contemplating breast augmentation. Renowned breast specialist Dr. A.J. Khalil is happy to offer his professional opinion on breast implant size so that you are ultimately ecstatic about your breast augmentation results. 

Factors to Help You Make the Correct Choice

Most of Dr. Khalil’s patients want breast augmentation results that look natural. To achieve an enhanced look that does not appear artificial, you want breasts that are in proportion to the size of your frame, perhaps slightly bigger. Shorter women who have thin bodies can see a significant impact with just small implants, whereas broader women or those who have a thicker midsection may need larger implants to create their desired effect. And for those women who are less concerned with realism and want a more obviously enhanced look, large implants also make sense.

Another consideration is your taste in fashion. If you are drawn to outfits that reveal a lot of cleavage, then larger implants will help to exaggerate your figure. However, if you like being able to not wear a bra some days, you may find smaller implants more suitable.

You may also want to consider how physically active you are. If you enjoy running or playing sports, you may find it more challenging to excel at these activities with large breasts. Hence, sporty women usually choose smaller implants so that they not interfere with their fitness goals.

How Dr. Khalil Can Help with Your Decision

Do not worry about showing up to your first appointment knowing exactly what implant size you want. It is much more helpful to have a general sense of the breast profile you would like to create with breast augmentation. Since implants do not correspond with bra cup size, you may not even know what you want until you see the implants for yourself.

Most of the time, patients select implants in the 200cc to 500cc range. As part of the consultation process, Dr. Khalil will have you try on different implant shapes and sizes underneath your clothing so that you can gauge how you will look after having surgery. This ability to experiment should give you confidence when you find the precise size that matches the image you had in your mind.

Schedule a Consultation

Your satisfaction is Dr. Khalil’s main concern. While selecting the right breast implant size is a pivotal element of achieving great results, so is having a board-certified plastic surgeon with outstanding surgical skills and a track record of producing natural, appealing breast contours. To meet with this top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, please call (310) 385-8601.