Brazilian butt lift is a highly requested procedure at the Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice of Dr. A.J. Khalil. The fat transfer technique provides many advantages over traditional butt augmentation using implants, and the results are exceptional.  

If you are considering Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Khalil, rest assured that no question is too embarrassing or silly to ask. In this post, the plastic surgeon answers Brazilian butt lift questions that patients often hesitant to ask.

When can I sit on my buttocks after surgery?

Dr. Khalil asks that you avoid sitting and putting direct pressure on your buttocks for at least two to three weeks following surgery. Doing so can interfere with the survival of the transplanted fat cells. Using a specially designed cushion or donut pillow is immensely helpful during this period. Dr. Khalil also strongly encourages you to sleep on your stomach or sides for up to eight weeks after surgery.

What if I don’t have enough fat to use for Brazilian butt lift?

Slender patients often assume that Brazilian butt lift is off the table because they do not have enough surplus fat. However, if you are on the smaller side, you do not need much fat to achieve beautiful results. Also, Dr. Khalil is an expert at finding usable fat!

How much scarring will there be?

Dr. Khalil does his best to minimize Brazilian butt lift scarring.

The plastic surgeon makes several incisions in the “donor” site (e.g., the abdomen or thighs) and passes a thin, hollow tube through the openings to access and harvest the excess fat. He tries to make the incisions very small and concealed in the natural anatomy of the area.

Next, Dr. Khalil injects the fat into strategic areas of the buttocks to add shape and volume. These injections are made using a fine needle, and scarring is virtually unnoticeable.

Will my skin sag from the liposuction?

The area of the body from which the donor fat is taken should not look saggy or loose after the procedure. Usually skin tightens up and looks smoother within a few weeks of Brazilian butt lift.

Will pregnancy affect my Brazilian butt lift results?

Pregnancy after Brazilian butt lift is perfectly safe. However, the related weight gain can affect the size and shape of the buttocks in unpredictable ways.

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