Dr. A.J. Khalil, respected Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, can’t think of a bad time of year for his patients to pursue facial rejuvenation. However, there are distinct advantages to scheduling surgery during the fall and winter months.

Here, Dr. Khalil explains why he sees a surge of patients scheduling facelift, neck lift, eyelid surgery and similar procedures around this time of year.

Most People Take Time Off Around the Holidays

One of the obstacles that can prevent patients from booking surgery is blocking off 10 days to two weeks to recover from treatment. However, dedicating time to having surgery and recover can be a bit easier in the fall and winter.

The late fall and early winter months are a particularly good time for most workers to request vacation or personal days to recuperate (retail workers excepted!). Many people usually take at least a few days off around the holidays, and offices slow down through the first week of the New Year. Some even close the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

If you don’t want to draw any attention to yourself or answer questions from your colleagues about surgery, your best bet is to schedule it around the holiday months.

You’re Less Likely to Be Outdoors in the Sun

As you heal from facial rejuvenation surgery, you will need to avoid direct sun exposure and exposure to other elements. This can be difficult during the spring and summer, when most activities and events are scheduled outdoors.

But activities typically held outdoors tend to head inside during the cooler fall and winter months, so you are less likely to be spending as much time outside. This can make your surgical recovery much easier and safer.

Your Bandages Can Be Covered By Layers

In the warm summer months, patients want to wear as few layers of clothing as possible. But in the fall and winter, people tend to bundle up in longer layers, making it easier to cover up certain surgical dressings and bandages. Depending on the specific procedure and incision location, a headscarf or neckerchief may be an easy way to hide areas with surgical dressings or bandages.

Look Your Best for the New Year

One of the best motivators to have surgery in the fall and early winter months is the possibility of starting fresh for the New Year. Dr. Khalil’s patients love the opportunity to treat themselves to facial rejuvenation around the holidays and welcome the New Year looking and feeling their best.

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