Breast augmentation is an exciting way to enhance your figure with a larger bust size. You may choose breast implants that achieve your desired size, shape, and texture for results that give you more confidence in your appearance.

Because breast augmentation is a surgery, it does require some downtime. Accordingly, you may be curious how soon you can reintroduce certain activities into your life. Dr. A.J. Khalil, a world-class plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, reviews a general timeline for his breast augmentation patients in this blog. 

Rest for a Few Days

Rest and relaxation are essential for a smooth at-home recovery. Sleep as much as you can, and take it easy by reading books, watching television, and listening to music. If possible, have a loved one take care of small tasks like preparing meals and picking up prescriptions while your breasts are most tender. 

Light Activity

After a few days, you will probably feel well enough to reintroduce modest activity into your routine, such as cooking or going for a short walk. While this enables you to start taking care of yourself, do not engage in anything too strenuous.

Returning to Work

Most women feel well enough to return to work between one to two weeks following their surgery. If you have a sedentary (desk) job, you will probably feel ready in this timeframe. However, if you have a job that requires manual labor, you may need extra time to ensure you are not experiencing discomfort or prolonging your recovery with too much activity. Be sure to listen to your body as well as Dr. Khalil’s recommendations during your follow-up appointments before over-exerting yourself.


Usually, Dr. Khalil recommends waiting one month to six weeks to resume unrestricted physical activity. Since lifting weights (or other heavy objects) can put undue pressure on your chest muscles and brisk cardio aerobic activity like jogging and jumping can jostle your breasts before they have healed, these should be some of the last activities you reintroduce into your workout routine. Again, Dr. Khalil can confirm what kind of exercise your body is ready for during a follow-up appointment.

Schedule a Consultation

Although this blog outlines a general timetable, your individual recovery may differ slightly. By choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with a strong reputation for his patients’ wellbeing, you can count on receiving attentive aftercare from Dr. Khalil. To meet with Dr. Khalil and discuss options for achieving your desired proportions, please schedule a consultation by calling 310-385-8601 today.