If you are interested in enhancing the shape and size of your buttocks through Brazilian Butt Lift, you will be faced with several choices. The first is whom to select to perform the procedure. To help guide you through the decision-making process, Dr. A.J. Khalil shares a few helpful tips here.

Know What to Look For

Board certification – First, the person you ask to do the work should be a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Board certification from this specific board indicates the surgeon has the education, training and knowledge necessary to perform your surgery. You can verify whether a doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon by visiting the ABPS website.

Experience with the procedure – Not every experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon performs Brazilian Butt Lift. Your surgeon should have performed hundreds or thousands of BBL procedures throughout their career, and perform the operation regularly.

A good rapport – Developing a good rapport and personal relationship with your surgeon can have a positive impact on your experience and outcomes. The surgical consultation is the perfect opportunity to get to know a surgeon and learn more about their demeanor and approach to patient care. Look for someone who answers your questions thoroughly and is a good communicator. You want to have complete trust that the surgeon can help you safely achieve your goals.

Ask for Personal Referrals

Your primary care doctor should be able to refer you to a trusted, experienced plastic surgeon. You can also ask friends or family members that have had BBL about their experiences and get the name of their surgeon. Once you have a list of names, be sure to verify their board certification and credentials before scheduling a consultation.

Ask to See Examples of Previous BBL Patients

You should always look at examples of a surgeon’s past BBL patients to ensure that their aesthetic style matches your own idea of what looks good. These examples may be published on the surgeon’s practice website in a before-and-after gallery, or available in their office. Look at the images carefully to get a sense of the surgeon’s typical results.

Meet Dr. A.J. Khalil

Dr. Khalil is the plastic surgeon Beverly Hills trusts for beautiful, sexy-looking Brazilian Butt Lift results. To speak with Dr. Khalil about his experience and your treatment options, please call or email our practice today.