When it comes to plastic surgery, each patient’s journey is different. Some people have cosmetic concerns that can be successfully addressed with a single treatment, while others have goals that would most effectively be improved with two or more complementary procedures.

If you are interested in multiple surgeries, you are probably wondering if it is safe to have more than one surgery performed at the same time. Renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. A.J. Khalil can attest to the fact that cosmetic procedures are combined frequently. He agrees that this approach is a safe and convenient way to make aesthetic improvements for many patients. Below, he shares his thoughts on this subject.

Why Would You Combine Surgeries?

If you have decided that you would like to undergo multiple procedures, scheduling them on the same day saves you a lot of time. Not only do you need just one day in the operating room, but you also can overlap your recovery times. That translates to fewer days off from work and parenting so that you can get back to your normal schedule.   

Furthermore, you may have an easier time having all your transformations revealed at once rather than feeling like a work in progress over months or years. Why not start enjoying the benefits of feeling more confident and rejuvenated sooner?

Combining surgeries can also make sense from a financial perspective. Facility costs and anesthesia can be paid for just once rather than multiple times for separate surgery days.

When Should You Not Combine Surgeries?

The main reason Dr. Khalil would discourage you from combining your procedures is your health. While Dr. Khalil only performs elective procedures on patients who are in good health, if mitigating factors make it seem like performing surgeries separately is the safer way to go rather than an extended operation, he will exercise caution.

He also considers the amount of time it takes to perform surgeries. If you are interested in longer surgical procedures in different areas of the body, the total time can be too much for one day. After many hours of surgery, your risk of excessive bleeding and complications rises significantly. There is no point in taking these risks when avoidable.

You should also check that your plastic surgeon has experience combining procedures and has glowing patient testimonials. While Dr. Khalil has outstanding credentials and has performed many extended surgeries, some surgeons are not used to operating for that long and may not be up for the task.

Meet with Dr. Khalil

If you are considering multiple plastic surgery procedures, you should find a talented surgeon who has a reputation for performing many types of plastic surgery well. Dr. Khalil is a fantastic surgeon who has the technical skills to perform complementary procedures that produce the results you have always dreamed of. For a consultation, please call 310-385-8601.