Tummy tuck — known medically as abdominoplasty — is a highly effective cosmetic surgical procedure for people looking to tighten up their midsection. Popular among women who have given birth, the tummy tuck is a great way to remove sagging, excess skin and tighten muscle tissue.

Dr. A.J. Khalil is one of the top board-certified plastic surgeons in the Southern California area. Having spent years perfecting his craft in beautiful Beverly Hills, Dr. Khalil is more than happy to sit down and discuss what tummy procedure is best for you.

What’s a Mini Tummy Tuck?

Mini tummy tuck is a procedure designed for people looking to improve the appearance of their lower abdomen only (i.e., the area beneath the navel). During this surgery, your surgeon will create an incision directly above the pubic region. From this incision your surgeon will begin to tighten the loose muscles of the lower abdomen and excise any excess skin — creating a flat, tight abdominal core.

While the mini tummy tuck may sound like the perfect solution, Dr. Khalil recommends it only to specific patients with unique needs. The operation is limited in scope and Dr. Khalil finds that most patients are in need of more extensive abdominal reconstruction methods.

What’s a Full Tummy Tuck?

The full tummy tuck is the procedure that Dr. Khalil often finds produces the best results for his patients. Unlike the mini tummy tuck, the full tummy tuck allows the surgeon to work on the entire abdominal area. Depending on the scope of the surgery, Dr. Khalil will make one incision above the pubic mound that grants him access to most of the abdominal area. If needed, Dr. Khalil may make another incision around the belly button to elevate it higher on the abdomen.

Why Opt for the Full Tummy Tuck?

Ultimately, Dr. Khalil finds that only a small number of candidates qualify for the mini tummy tuck procedure. In the vast majority of cases, full access to the entire abdominal area produces a far better result than a limited mini tummy tuck.

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Tired of struggling with excess, flabby skin around your abdomen? If so, a tummy tuck might be exactly what you’re looking for! Dr. Khalil offers the full tummy tuck to qualified clients in good health. During your initial consultation, Dr. Khalil will work through both tummy tuck options —mini and full — to determine which procedure is best for you.

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