Are you envious of women who have seemingly impossibly toned bodies even after having children? While some women are biologically blessed to maintain a great figure after a pregnancy, most see significant changes. Fortunately, mommy makeover — a customizable plastic surgery plan that can include popular procedures such as breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction — can help you to enhance your body. Here, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. A.J. Khalil recommends some questions to ask yourself if you are considering mommy makeover.  

Do Your Breasts Look Different After Pregnancy?

While it may be exciting to see your breasts enlarge during your pregnancy, this change is rarely permanent. Your breasts get bigger to help accommodate breastfeeding, but by the time you have weened your baby, your breasts will most likely lose not only their volume but their youthful elevation. The skin that stretched to accommodate your larger breasts may not retract to its previous size, leaving your breasts hanging lower than they used to. If you are unhappy with the size or positioning of your breasts following pregnancy, breast procedures like breast augmentation or breast lift can transform your breast profile.

Have Your Diet and Exercise Efforts Fallen Short of Your Goals?

Most baby weight comes off with a healthy lifestyle, so it is important to give yourself sufficient time to lose weight naturally before deciding your efforts are unsuccessful. Over the long term, if you are still displeased with a pooch around your midsection despite your best attempts to trim down, then it makes sense to consult a plastic surgeon.

Unfortunately, the loose skin around your abdomen is not improved with diet and exercise. If the main cause of a fuller belly is stretched skin rather than fat, tummy tuck is the only real selection for slimming and firming your stomach once again.

Do You Think You May Have More Children?

Mommy makeover helps you to reverse many of the common changes to your body that coincide with pregnancy. However, Dr. Khalil generally recommends that his patients wait until their families are complete to have mommy makeover since an additional pregnancy can undo the positive benefits of surgeries like breast lift and tummy tuck. Maintaining a steady weight is the best way to ensure your plastic surgery results last indefinitely, and pregnancy is counterproductive to that goal. Rest assured that mommy makeover does not make becoming pregnant in the future unsafe or more challenging if you do decide to have more children later.

Speak to Dr. Khalil

After answering these questions, if you believe that mommy makeover is something you would like, the next step is to meet with a leading plastic surgeon. Together, you can discuss all your cosmetic options for restoring your pre-pregnancy body. To schedule a consultation in Beverly Hills with Dr. Khalil, please call 310-385-8601.