New data shows that more people than ever are pursuing buttock augmentation surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that a buttock procedure is performed every 30 minutes of every day. But why, exactly, is the buttocks receiving so much attention from prospective patients? Dr. A.J. Khalil, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, gets to the bottom of the matter.

Why More People Than Ever Are Requesting Buttock Augmentation

Because it is safer than ever. Advances in cosmetic medicine have led to the development of the safest and longest-lasting technology and techniques. For example, buttock implants are safer and more durable than ever. There is very little possibility of a leak or rupture.

Because the results can look completely natural. Many prospective buttock augmentation patients want a subtle boost, not a dramatic transformation. The Brazilian Butt Lift, which uses autologous fat from another area of the patient’s body to augment the buttocks, is an appealing treatment option to achieve results that look and feel totally natural. The patient’s own fat tends to look and feel more natural than using a buttock implant.

To emulate their favorite celebrity. Ask any plastic surgeon about the uptick in buttock procedures, and most will mention the influence of celebrities like the Kardashian sisters or Jennifer Lopez. It is common for a prospective patient to mention the desire to resemble a celebrity during their surgical consultation.

To fill out a naturally small backside. Men and women born with a small or shapeless buttocks can opt for either the placement of a buttock implant or a Brazilian Butt Lift to add volume and shape to the backside. For some patients, increasing the size of the buttocks can bring the entire body into better balance and proportion. Another benefit of enhancing the buttocks is that it often makes the waist look smaller in comparison.

To counteract the effects of gravity. Age has a way of causing the buttock tissues to stretch and sag. Buttock augmentation with lift techniques may involve tightening and repositioning these tissues (and the skin) to create a perkier-looking buttocks and a more youthful silhouette overall.

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