Are you planning to alter the size and/or shape of your breasts with a procedure like breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction? You probably have questions about both how your breasts will look and how they will feel after surgery.

Here, respected Beverly Hills breast surgeon A.J. Khalil explains what to expect in terms of sensation changes after breast surgery.

Breast and Nipple Sensation After Surgery

Changes in breast and nipple sensation are common after breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction. Feeling more or less sensation is usually nothing to worry about. Dr. Khalil’s patients have reported a range of sensation changes, from tingling or twinges around the nipples or the incision lines to numbness or even a complete loss of sensation.

Often these changes are temporary, and the breasts and nipples regain normal or near-to-normal sensation within several months. There are a few exceptions, though. For example, when a breast augmentation patient selects very large implants relative to the size of her chest, there is a greater likelihood of permanent sensory changes because of the tissues stretching considerably to accommodate the implants.

Reduce the Chances of Permanent Sensory Changes

If you are worried about significant or permanent changes in sensation after breast surgery, the best thing you can do is select your surgeon carefully. An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Khalil will want to hear about your concerns prior to surgery. Understanding your concerns allows him to address them specifically. He will always be candid with you about what you can expect, and he will help you gauge the odds of sensory changes.

Furthermore, Dr. Khalil can take your concerns into account when planning your surgery. There are some incision types that are more closely linked to loss of sensation than others. Based on your pre-operative discussions, Dr. Khalil may use an incision pattern that minimizes the chances of permanent sensation changes.

If you are getting implants, Dr. Khalil may recommend positioning them beneath your chest muscle, where they are less likely to affect nipple and skin sensation. He can also talk to you about selecting implants that are appropriately sized for your body to maximize the chances of retaining normal sensation.

Consult With Our Beverly Hills Breast Surgeon

Dr. Khalil has specialized in breast surgery for many years. Whether you have questions about an upcoming breast procedure or have already had surgery and have questions about recovery, he is happy to help you understand the process.

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