One of the exciting things about planning breast surgery is dreaming of the ways you will dress your newly improved bust. But before you can shop for new bras, you will be outfitted in a compression bra for a few weeks.

This compression bra is nothing glamorous — it resembles a sports bra — but it plays an important role in your healing and overall results. Dr. A.J. Khalil will encourage you to wear your compression bra as much as possible for several weeks after surgery, removing it only to bathe. Read on to learn more about the benefits of wearing a compression bra.

Supports Healing Tissues

Supporting tissues that have been surgically altered is a critical part of any post-operative routine. A tight-fitting compression bra supports the natural breast tissues as they heal. If you have breast augmentation, a compression bra also prevents your implants from shifting or moving around in their newly created pockets right after surgery.

Minimizes Swelling and Pain

By applying gentle pressure to the healing breasts, a compression bra promotes good blood circulation and helps control post-operative swelling and pain.

Designed With Special Features To Improve Comfort

Compression bras are designed to be soft, comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Most have over-the-shoulder Velcro straps and front zipper closures, so you don’t have to lift your arms high, twist or stretch to put them on, take them off or adjust them. Some compression bras also provide an easy way to attach to drainage tubes (although not every procedure requires drains).

Protects Healing Incisions

Foregoing a compression bra in favor of a normal bra with underwire right after surgery can be risky, as the underwire is likely to irritate any healing incisions in the crease of the breast. In some cases, persistent irritation of the incisions can make scarring more visible. A compression bra is underwire-free and protects your incisions without irritating them.

Contact Dr. A.J. Khalil

Dr. Khalil will provide complete instructions for purchasing and wearing a compression bra after your breast surgery. He can advise you of his preferred brands or styles, and point out certain features your bra should include. You might want to consider purchasing at least two compression bras, so you have a clean one on hand at all times. Dr. Khalil can also advise how long to wear the bra and when to switch to a normal bra style after your surgery.

For more information about breast surgery and the recovery process, we invite you to reach out to our Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice. Call or email us today.