Breast surgery can be a life-changing experience, and the reasons for having it are as diverse as the women that choose to have the procedure. Some breast surgery candidates have noticed undesirable changes to their breasts from pregnancy, nursing, gravity or the effects of aging; others have disliked their breasts their entire life.

Whatever the reason, Dr. A.J. Khalil is the plastic surgeon Beverly Hills women trust for safe and effective breast surgery. Here, he discusses the most common reasons why women seek out his breast surgery expertise.

Achieve a Desired Size

When you think of breast surgery, you probably think of augmenting or reducing the breasts to achieve a desired size. Women that are born with naturally small breasts and wish for more volume and fullness may undergo breast augmentation, which enhances the breasts through the placement of saline or silicone breasts. For women that have oversized, heavy or pendulous breasts, breast reduction surgery helps bring the bust into proportion with the rest of the body and alleviate physical discomfort.

Treat Asymmetry or Unevenness

Another group of breast surgery candidates wish to correct asymmetry, or breasts that are uneven. This may be a long-term problem or something that has developed after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Depending on the specific case and the desires of the patient, placing a small implant in the smaller breast or reducing the larger breast can help improve symmetry between the breasts. (Patients are asked during consultation if they prefer the smaller or larger breast.) Breast lift techniques can also be incorporated into the procedure to treat sagging of one or both breasts.

Correct Ptosis or a Congenital Deformity

Ptosis, the clinical term for breast droop, is a problem for many women. Sagging breasts are common after pregnancy and nursing. Luckily, the breast lift procedure can restore breasts to their once-perky position on the chest.

Tuberous breast deformity affects the breasts’ development, causing them to look pointy, narrow and possibly asymmetrical. Breast lift or breast augmentation can be performed to restore a normal shape to women that suffer from this breast problem or other developmental deformities.

Why Do YOU Want Breast Surgery?

The most important reason to pursue breast surgery is your own. If you are unhappy with the size, shape or position of your breasts, Dr. Khalil can speak with you in more detail about why and explain how he can fix it.

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