It is very common for women that are done having children to feel eager and excited to reclaim their pre-baby body. Mommy makeover is a fabulous way to correct the toll that pregnancy and nursing take on a woman’s body and help her “bounce back” physically and mentally after having children.

If you’re thinking about mommy makeover, Dr. A.J. Khalil encourages you to time your surgery carefully. Read on as he explains how long you should wait before pursuing mommy makeover.

General Timeframe

There’s no universal time limits set in stone for pursuing mommy makeover after pregnancy. Every woman recovers from pregnancy and childbirth at her own pace.

Generally speaking, you should wait approximately six months after having your baby. This timeframe gives your body time to recover from the changes it went through during pregnancy and delivery. These experiences put stress on your body and you must allow yourself time to stabilize before having surgery. At the time of your mommy makeover, you should be in good overall health with a clean bill of health from your primary care physician.

You should also delay mommy makeover until you have stopped breastfeeding for a few months. This allows your breasts time to stop producing milk and stabilize. You might notice that your breasts lose volume and sag in the months after weaning your baby. Your mommy makeover will include breast surgery to improve your breast size and shape to your liking.

Other Recommendations

Although it is not required, it is recommended that you delay mommy makeover until you are reasonably certain you are done having children. Becoming pregnant after mommy makeover is possible and safe, but the pregnancy will stretch out your abdominal and breast skin and possibly tear your abdominal muscles again, reversing many of the benefits of mommy makeover. In that scenario, you would be faced with needing to invest more time and money into revision surgery to correct these concerns.

Talk to Our Mommy Makeover Surgeon

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