Over the years, our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. A.J. Khalil, has blogged about physically preparing for plastic surgery by eating a healthy diet, exercising and getting plenty of sleep. But mental and emotional preparation is just as important as the physical preparation. In today’s post, Dr. Khalil offers suggestions to mentally prepare yourself for an upcoming plastic surgery procedure.

Have all the facts

Knowledge is empowering! Feeling prepared and confident in the face of an upcoming surgery depends on having all of your facts straight. Ask yourself if you completely understand what surgery entails as well as its benefits, risks and potential aftereffects.

Talk to your surgeon about your concerns

If you have questions or lingering concerns about an aspect of your procedure, recovery or results, do not be shy about mentioning them to your surgeon sooner rather than later. For Dr. Khalil personally, he is happy to address any worries and make sure you have peace of mind in the days and weeks leading up to surgery.

Reflect on your reasons for having surgery

Spending time reflecting on your motivations for surgery puts you into a good headspace going into the day of surgery. You may want to look at old photographs of yourself or keep a written list of reasons why you decided to have surgery.

Set reasonable expectations

Expecting perfect results immediately after surgery sets you up for disappointment. Remind yourself that it will take some time to recuperate, and your results will reveal themselves gradually. Also, expect that you may feel a little emotional or “blue” throughout your recovery process, but the important thing is to persevere through those feelings. Practicing patience and giving yourself a little grace goes a long way toward a good experience.

Have a support system in place

You don’t have to go through surgery and recovery alone. Be open about your concerns and goals with family and friends so they can support you during your journey. Online support forums for plastic surgery patients are also very helpful.

Be optimistic

As you prepare for surgery, focus on optimism. Visualize what you want to look and feel like after your surgery. Incorporate gratitude into your daily life through gratitude meditation or yoga practices, or by taking note of what you are grateful for in a journal.

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