You are hardly alone if you assumed you would never have plastic surgery, but then start thinking differently as you got older. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. A.J. Khalil meets with many women who were perfectly happy with their breasts until they started to droop. In this blog, he describes the points in a woman’s life when motivation to have breast lift surgery is often highest.

Once You Are Done Breastfeeding

Women expect that their breasts will get larger while lactating, but few are prepared for the permanent changes that take place once the child has been weaned. By the time the breasts stop producing milk, they often appear deflated and rest lower against the chest. Sagging can be improved with breast lift, so it makes sense to schedule this procedure a year or two after having a child. If you plan to be pregnant again in the future, Dr. Khalil suggests putting off breast lift, because having another child can cause your breasts to sag again, even after plastic surgery

During Menopause

Menopause is characterized by a significant decrease in production of estrogen. Since this hormone helps to keep the skin firm and voluminous, most women see skin become lax all over their bodies, including their breasts. As the breasts droop, the nipples fall below the breast fold. By performing a breast lift, Dr. Khalil can re-elevate the position of the breast tissue to counter any sagging.

When Your Nipples Lose Their Perkiness

One of the signature signs of younger breasts is nipples that point outward. Unfortunately, aging, genetics and gravity can eventually cause the nipples to start pointing lower. When performing breast lift, Dr. Khalil not only elevates the breast tissue but also moves the nipples higher on the breasts and positions them so that they point straight forward, for a rejuvenated appearance.

Whenever You Want to Rejuvenate Your Breasts

There is no one “ideal” time to have breast lift surgery. The goal is to improve the appearance of your breasts while also boosting your confidence. The best time to schedule breast lift is the point at which you feel you need surgery to achieve your desired appearance.

Some of Dr. Khalil’s patients worry that they may be seeking breast lift too soon, but that is not often the case. While it is true that breast lift does not last forever (with the effects of aging reappearing after 10 to 15 years), you can always repeat the surgery later to maintain the breasts’ elevated position.    

Seek the Opinion of a Top Beverly Hills Surgeon

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