Scars are visible reminders of both positive and negative life events, like illnesses, injuries and having children. In the case of breast lift, scars are a reminder of the pursuit of perky, youthful breasts.

Beverly Hills breast lift surgeon A.J. Khalil knows his patients want the best scars possible. He is extremely conscientious about incision placement and scar management. If you are interested in breast lift, he will help you understand how to get the lightest scars possible.

Surgical Technique Influences Scarring

Anytime an incision is made in the skin, it leaves a scar. Breast lift surgery is no exception. However, the location and appearance of breast lift scars depends on the specific technique used during surgery.

Prior to your procedure, you and Dr. Khalil will discuss the available breast lift techniques and incision options and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Some of these techniques involve small incisions around the edge of the areolas that leave minimal scarring. Others require more extensive incisions down the front of the breasts that leave more noticeable scarring. After reviewing your options and examining your breasts, Dr. Khalil will recommend the surgical approach that will give you the best breast appearance with the least amount of scarring.

During surgery, Dr. Khalil will work meticulously to make the incisions as inconspicuous as possible while still lifting and reshaping your breasts.

What You Can Do to Minimize Scarring

Surgical technique is not the only factor that influences the appearance of your breast lift scars. How well you take care of yourself after surgery also affects healing and scarring. It is essential that you follow all of Dr. Khalil’s post-operative instructions.

For instance, Dr. Khalil will ask you to wear a compression garment (similar to a sports bra) over your breasts during your initial recovery. This garment helps to promote normal blood flow to the breasts, which ultimately results in better scars. Dr. Khalil may also recommend other scar management products such as silicone sheets to help the scars fade as well as possible. General guidelines include not smoking, eating a healthy diet full of nutrients and keeping your healing incisions and scars out of the sun.

In the days and weeks following your breast lift, the incision lines will look red and possibly raised. But as the incisions heal and the scars mature, they should become lighter and flatter. Approximately six months to one year after surgery, your breast lift scars should be much less noticeable. Because of the scar placement, you should be able to hide them under low-cut tops, bras and bikinis.

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